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is my oculus quest right lens scratched?

Level 2

I just bought my first VR headset (an oculus quest 2) so I'm not really experienced with it. It arrived around 2 weeks ago but today I noticed something weird, in my screen (right eye) there seems to appear some sort of weird triangle that seems like "whiter" than everything else. Did I  scratched my right lens? the thing is I've been trying to find a sscrath for like hours and I hadn't found anything yet. I'm asking to see if I should ask for a replacement or something.

I'm attaching pictures of the issue

Thanks in advance 😄





Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. We understand you have a white triangle appearing on your lenses that affect your VR experience. The issue could be something similar to clumped, dead pixels. We're sure you must be frustrated after having problems only a few weeks after getting your device so we will do our best to help you find a viable solution. We have a couple of questions that may help us identify the issue.


Is the white triangle there at all times when the device is on?

When it is there, is it static or does it move?


Try a factory reset of your device, this link will show you how: Click Here.

  • Performing a factory reset is irreversible and will remove all account information, downloaded games, and content from the headset.
  • Performing a factory reset won't remove content you've purchased or downloaded from your account.


If this does not work, we would like to investigate your issue further. We recommend submitting a support ticket here. You'll be able to choose between chatting with a live agent or email support, whichever you may prefer. 



I see, I don't think that's the case, I picked them up again today just to check, and the triangle still there but it seems like with less intensity as yesterday, so I will wait for tomorrow to see how its going and it it's still there by tomorrow Ill try the factory reset, thanks for the support 

also for the other solution the triangle is static (taking the lens as a point of reference) mening is always on the upper right corner of my field of view and it is present at all times (even in the splash screen)