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link working on gtx 1060 laptop

Level 3
got link working with the anker 3m lead, also ordered two 90 degree usb 3.2 c adapters, all working perfectly.
My laptop is an asus tuf 505 with i78750, 16gb and gtx 1060 6gb.
ive tested project cars 2, assetto corsa with sol mod and race crew and content manager, Dirt rally, raw data, robo recall and drop dead so far, all running at ultra with no problems.
Oculus have surprised the hell out of me with this, I had alvr running perfectly but link looks better, colours are better and smaller details aren't as blurry, now they just need to partner with Microsoft and release this for the xbox and get Microsoft to develop the vr updates to existing games, im sure every xbox owner would kill  and pay to play halo in vr alone!