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lost all apps, can't connect to wifi

I am away with the army for the summer and had my friend also get an Oculus Quest 2 with Onward so we could show the other guys and see about using it for fun or maybe a milsim (Onward). 


It was working fine. I used my cell to hotspot it and was playing Onward, waiting for my buddy to connect. He could not connect to his hotspot.


I put my headset down and when I put it back on there was a microship icon and status bar that filled up. After this all my apps were wiped. Now I also cannot connect to my hotspot like before. So we both have an empty, useless Oculus Quest 2 for the next 3 months. No demo for the unit. No sales. I think we will see if we can send them back to Oculus and get a refund. 


Ruined our summer.