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my left touch controller wont work

Level 2

i got my oculus maybe 3 weeks ago and my left touch controller stoped working the battery is full and when i put in the battery it heats up and it wont link to my head set any tips?


Level 2

I got my oculus in April and I am super careful with it and the controllers too. One day I was playing a game and my left controller just died. So I just said to myself go get a battery. As I put my 100 percent charged battery into the controller it doesn't work so I unpair and now it won't pair or turn on

Is oculus support gonna do anything for this? Because I've been to many websites who have the same problem as me and I look at what oculus says and they just say "Have you tried removing the battery for 1-2 mins." And im like yes I have and this is multiple sites as well

Also I put in cold batteries to make sure they don't expand