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my speakers are broken

Level 2

Hi my son brought his headset on Saturday and my dogs have got hold of it and chewed it, they have damaged the left speaker, it no longer works, is there anyway we can get it fixed, I can send pictures of the damage if that helps, my son is devastated as he saved all his birthday money to buy it, is there anything we can do? my number is 07890715539 my email is 

kinds regards 

Heidi Lea 


Level 7

As a heads up, this is a community board, not just oculus employees, so I’d probably not put up your phone number (you can edit your post).  The easiest solution I can think of is just using headphones (there’s an audio jack on the left side). I always use headphones anyway, just because I like the superior sound/immersion. 

Level 12

not much you can do but eat the cost.


dogs chew stuff, put an expensive item away and do not post your personal info her.

Level 7

As a heads up, it’s also bad to leave your headset out where it can be exposed to sunlight, so it should REALLY be put away regardless of the dog.