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oculus link heavy blanking (wireless and wired)

Level 2

Hello everyone.

I’d love to share this workaround with you for anybody that is suffering from this issue.

If your oculus link is blanking as soon as you control your desktop monitor using the pc mouse on the VR controllers inside your VR, please follow the next steps.

First, for the best performance, make sure your VR device is up to date.

Make sure you’ve updated your GPU (graphics card) drivers to the latest.

It is recommended to use the 72Hz refresh rate so you get the highest automatic rendering resolution.

When you have launched your Oculus link app on your PC, launch it from your VR.

You will see a floating dash below your eyes.

Press the “Desktop” icon using your VR controller.

when you see the Desktop open, look down again at your floating dash and scroll to the right.

you will see a PLUS icon.

you will need any task or app (could be the Oculus app or even the Task manager)

running on the Desktop.

Chose any app and hold the bottom button (drag) on your VR controller to drag it away from the desktop screen inside your VR, somewhere away from the main desktop screen, so it won’t interfere with your main desktop screen.

You will be now able to use your VR with oculus link without any stuttering nor blanking/flickering.

I would love to hear any feedbacks about this workaround while Meta is working on a permanent fix 🙂