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oculus link with 2080 super, upgraded from 1070 - issues

Level 2
so i had a 1070 and decided to treat myself so i upgraded to a 2080 super. I have mainly used the card to play No Man's Sky over oculus link. But i am having 2 issues. since i upgraded, their have been "wavy" or "staircase" artifacts when i move while looking at base parts. second when i try to open the oculus or steam menus (with the menu buttons on the controllers) often the game lags very hard to the point of being unplayable. sometimes the game recovers and other times it doesn't and i have to remove the headset. i tried No Man's Sky over virtual desktop and did not have any artifact issues and didn't run into the menu issues but this issue is a bit sporadic so i don't know if they still exist. the gpu is working fine with all my flat games and i am successfully able to play skyrim vr over virtual desktop with no problems.
any idea how to fix these issues? is their a problem with rtx cards in oculus link?

Level 7
If it works via virtual desktop I would start by reinstalling the oculus software on your computer.  I'm not sure how they code drivers but there may be a different set it needs for the new card.  Unfortunately there is no offline installer for the software so it may take a while to reinstall.
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Level 2
i already tried reinstalling oculus software, steam vr and no mans sky once but will try again when i get the chance