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oculus on my laptop acer nitro 5 ryzen 5 5600H Gtx 3060 can't support

Level 2

oculus app say Your computer does't meet the update minimum specifications,which can lead to poor experirence in VR


pls tell me How to?? thanks


Level 4

I've done most of the suggestions and still get the same "doesn't meet minimum requirements" only with Oculus quest software and when I connect with my rift library. I can connect my zephyrus 14" ryzen 9 49000 hs and 2060 max-q. I have no issues with the Oculus software, a less powerful laptop. BTW I have an Asus scar strix 17" ryzen 9 5900hx, amd a rtx 3080 16 GB max-p. I've just played through, steam with airline gives me the least issues. Oculus might fix it by nest year this time?




There is an app you can put on your notification bar. First open NVIDIA Control panel, click desktop and check Display GPU Activity icon on Notification Area. This will assure you that the dedicated graphics card is being used. In windows graphics settings add the ".EXE" file for whatever program you want to choose to the dedicated graphics. 




Good Luck this is the best fix I could find for now.