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oculus quest 2 64 gig is heating up

Level 2

when i play my oculus quest 2 64 gig it over heat and i have to shut it off and i had to factory reset it a few times for it to start working again and it still doing this and making me upset and i cant use it  and its burning my face after 2 mins of playing it and it also making my face red and itchy idk why this happening it never used to do this now all of sudden its doing this i haven't even had my oculus for over a year yet and its stressing me out when i try to use it im afraid my face is gonna start burning and its unpleasant to use 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Here at Meta Quest, we take health and safety seriously. For us to assist best, please click here to contact us and get in touch with an agent: Please discontinue use of your device in the meantime.