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oculus quest 2 left controller issue

Level 2

Hi i have and oculus quest 2 left controller issue
now I have done everything  reset the headset to the factory settings,restarted the headset, pair the handheld controller again replace the battery and have done all this several times but the same problem with the left hand control, it vibrates and it lights up but I do not see it between the headset only the right hand controls, Seeing 3 lights on the ring on the left hand controls when the surround camera is on, what do I do now please help


Level 2

Any solution? I am facing the exact same issue

Level 4

99% of the time this is due to water and liquid ingress, it's astounding how sensitive the controllers are to liquid, including tiny droplets of sweat entering near the trigger.  


If you have no warranty and feel confident there are "Quest 2 Controller Teardown" instructions online, a small brush and some switch cleaner or isopropyl alcohol (high purity) will fix the issue, you need to take the main control board out and check both sides, you'll see either light brown or green residue from corrosion, clean re-assemble and you'll usually be fine.


Be wary though, there is a hole when reassembling top centre on the control pad, it's not for a screw, and I'm pretty sure it's a trap designed to kill controllers re-assembled by those who aren't aware of it, always take a photo of where the screws came from!