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quadriplegic modified controllers

Level 2

I'd like to modify a hand controller to suit my quadriplegic brother but there is no point reinventing the wheel if the product already exists.  Has anyone seen one?  I'm wanting to have the joystick from the controller as a large chin controller and one button from the controller as a mouth switch of some description (maybe a sip puff or just a little button).  So I need to open up the controller, see how it works and extend the two desired functions to controllers mounted near to my brothers head.  If I can't extend the joystick to a chin controller then I guess I could just mount the controller near to his head and glue/attach an oversized joystick to the original joystick.  I really need to be able to open the controller up and attach wires to transfer the information from original controller to disability friendly controller.  I'd be keen to here anyones thoughts on my ideas.