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quest 5G

Level 2

I'm worry about quest 2 using 5g. I'm read many bad warnings about 5g tech and worry about my health.
Is anybody know how to disable 5G in a quest 2 and do not dammage glasses? Is this possible by programming or solder a microcircuit ?
Any tools or ways?


Level 2

5g this scary tech near my my head!
I'm worried, what i to do if this stuff broking my brain.


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Moderator comment:


Youtube link removed.

Posting links to a politically/religiously funded YouTube channels is not a good idea and risks earning a ban.

If you get your information from there and trust it, that's your choice, but better not to post it here.


Thread closed.


Edit: sorry if I seemed rude there, The subject of the thread isn't really a problem so perhaps I should have left it open. The youtube channel posted though is problematic with regard to the forum rules. As the OP has started a new thread about this, I'll leave this one closed and the conversation can continue in the new thread.

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