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quest unavailable or out of stock

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about two weeks ago i wanted to get the quest and it was in stock but i hadn't gotten paid yet and the next week when i had the money it was out of stock and now its not available. any idea as of why this is besides just saying COVID-19? and any idea when it will be in stock?

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Pixie40 said:
The OP didn't want to hear anything about how the pandemic hit an already harsh supply vs demand ratio even harder.

i get what you are saying but we all know that and a lot of things that are happening people are just writing it off by saying "it's just COVID-19, oh well" im just trying to see if there is any information thats new and would actually be useful. 

ToastedRichy said:
I do not think that there is an approximate stock day.

this along with the rest of what ToastedRichy said actually gives useful information that can help me solve my problem instead of writing it off and ignoring it

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I wasn't writing it off or ignoring your issue. There were supply issues even before the pandemic due to the Rift S and Quest being so popular that Oculus couldn't keep up with the demand. Then holidays came about, and production stopped due to vacations (as far as I can tell). Then the pandemic hit before they could start production back up again. It's taken them time for each stage of the supply chain to get back in working order, and production has been reduced. This combined with the demand being higher then ever means that stock is being sold as fast as it's being produced. Since it's a "first come, first serve" situation and there's not enough product to go around, this leaves people hanging even if they got their order in.

Those patient enough to wait who managed to get an order in have their Rift S or Quest shipped out as soon as it's ready. But this then means there are fewer units available for sale when the masses all rush to the store upon getting an email that the unit they want is back in stock. Thus the cycle continues. As more people get their Quest or Rift S, the demand is going to taper off. And as people get fed up with waiting and go for a competitor which is in stock, the more demand will taper off. Eventually supply and demand will once again hit an equilibrium. But that could take a while. In the mean time, patience is a virtue.
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