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quest2 charge is very very slow

Level 2

1. Use of cables and wall chargers provided by oculus

2. Headset turns off power

3. Status light is orange

4. Motion Detection Run Off

under the above conditions 

It took 12 hours, from 15% to 28%.

In some cases, charging was reduced when checked from time to time. In that case, I removed USB-C and reconnected it.


Does anyone know what the problem is?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hi @rlrk87 Please submit a ticket with us here for further assistance with this issue, please be sure to let us know all the steps you completed so far. Thanks! - Clint

Level 12
do a full power off, not just tapping the button and putting it in sleep in mode.  Also use the power brick and the included usb - c cable.

Level 2

Hi nice to see the problem I have. 

For 3 days it still 29% and I keep charging it but stucked at that level. 

I already contacted the customer services, they said that they need time. . .

So I just bought a new one, while waiting cause It seems it would take long time to fix it.

I wish they apply an update related to the charging function.