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"Oculus Link Exits Beta" Blog Post - May we have a status update?

Level 2
Hi there

Considering Oculus' post from September 16 in the official Oculus Blog stating "we’re proud to announce that Link will exit beta when Quest 2 launches in October of this year" I would like to ask the developers how things are going? May we have a status update on the end of the Oculus Link beta phase (and the start of native Quest 2 resolution support via Oculus Link)?


Level 2
I'm also very interested in some sort of update, I was unaware of the current limitations on link when I purchased mine but happy to read it was something nearing completion which is why i chose to keep the headset however October is ended and no word yet.

Level 2
I would also like to know, not happy with link, I bought Quest 2 to replace Rift S for PC gaming.

Level 15

I would also like to know, not happy with link, I bought Quest 2 to replace Rift S for PC gaming.

I agree mate.  Looking forward to Link getting out of beta and including improvements to my Q2 like a 90Hz refresh rate option for all apps with Link (and native Q2 as well of course).  Probably going to happen latter this month (November) imho.  Just before Xmas 2020 sales, lol!
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Level 5
I bought mine as a CV1 replacement to do PC gaming....just sitting here until the 90hz / full resolution is unlocked. 😞

Level 2
Come on Oculus give us an update, this isn't acceptable for all the people who pre ordered or bought on day one.  At least give us beta access to 90hz full resolution.

Level 6
For Quest 2 the Oculus Link is still buggy.Just changing resolution and refresh rate is so difficult of Oculus developers, PTC v23 just include option to change bitrate in debugtool, then it simply cannot change resolution because of bugs. My PC can connect Quest 1 with thunderbolt3 port, but not Quest 2. The Quest2 disconnect from PC automatically in few seconds for no reason. Buggy buggy and buggy. 
(VD supports full resolution and 90hz refresh rate with simple changes and ready to use on Oct 13. The development for supporting Quest2 is so easy for a single person developer, but so difficult for Oculus company, lol)

Level 2
Any news would be good!