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"Sorry, we couldn't add your payment method."

Level 2

I remember submitting a support ticket about this maybe almost 2 years ago now? I never got a response on it and the problem still persists so I'm going for one last attempt. Simply like the subject suggests, each time I try to add a payment method it disallows it. I had abandoned my Quest for so long because I couldn't buy anything on it, other than Beat Saber, since that was the first game that I purchased before the problem arose. If I can't get help I'm going to have a Beat Saber machine sitting around my house. I mean all I'm trying to buy right now is the BTS pack for Beat Saber so it's not even asking for much. Just a quick solution would be nice, because I've seen so many othoer people with this problem waiting for months on the edge of their seat just to be ignored. I mean I figure the company wants me to use my money to buy their games so I'm confused and concerned at the lack of support. Please send a response and possibly a resolution as soon as possible.


Thank you in advance,

Evan Page


Level 9

" I've seen so many othoer people with this problem waiting for months on the edge " 


I have seen this also and not one of them seems to have thought of contacting their bank to ask why its being declined as a Payment Method ... Maybe get it sorted that way the same day  ??

Yeah, I'm going to disprove your theory right now- I did contact my bank and I got confirmation that it's not on their end. I've never experienced an issue with ANY website when it comes to payment options before.

Nothing to disprove just trying to help.

Its a bit unusual though for the bank not to investigate further for you and just say Its ok our end ..

Seems a bit rubbish. Not sure i would be happy with their response but Hey Ho thats just me 🙂


Level 4

The problem is still going on it is doing the same with me and I just got mine yesterday I’m only able to download free games and demos. Has anything changed for you since this post. 

Level 4

It’s not our banks or PayPal something is going on with the oculus website and app because I too spent an hour on my phone with my bank and they saw no problems I even had to go to Amazon just to purchase my quest because I couldn’t get it from the actually quest store 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello Ruby, so sorry to hear that you are still experiencing trouble with updating your method of payment. We're here to help! To better assist you, may you please confirm your previous ticket number?