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"Tracking Lost" Crash Coming Out of Sleep Mode

Level 4
(Quest) - Guessing this is a V19 update bug?  If I'm in an app and take off the headset briefly, it goes into sleep mode after a few seconds.  Putting it back on used to wake it up and I could continue on with the app.  Now, I get a tracking lost screen with no way to continue on.  Hoping to avoid a factory reset or firmware update (as read on another partially related thread).  Guess I'll wait for the next Oculus update.  Are a lot of other users experiencing this?

Level 4
Same stuff here, had this issue from time to time with Quest 1, but with Quest 2 it seems to be much more frequent, like I'm scared to take it off
Got the V23 update today and this problem is NOT fixed

Level 4
Hello guys! Same here, please, check this out:

Level 2
Same issue