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help im a newby how do i find a game on sidequest i click on install on headset it then says lnstall on sidequest but i cant find it


Level 12

do you have the following?

sidequest installed on a pc

the oculus drivers loaded on a pc

developer account created through oculus

developer account enabled on your quest 2?


if you do its as simple as powering the quest 2 on,

loading up to the home screen in quest 2.

launch sidequest on the pc.

connect the pc to the quest 2 with a data usb cable

look in the headset accept the rsa key by using the touch controllers.

then search for a game o the pc sidequest and click install. 

you will see a progress bar letting you know its successful.

then just removing the cable from the quest 2


then filter unkown sources in the quest 2 to see the file.