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v-ray architectural visualizations

Level 2

Hello everyone,


Some time ago i bought a set of vr goggles for my smartphone which i used to display architectural visualizations. the application I used for this is called "VR media player" and it works great for that! The effect was amazing for a mobile phone and hence the idea to buy oculus quest 2 which I did.

Unfortunately, my humor quickly subsided because in no way I can get even a similar effect to the one I got using my smartphone. What I can see through quest 2 is blurry, too big and it doesn't feel like I'm in the interior that I designed. I tried to play photos through oculus quest 2, quill theater, SKYBOX VR and Pigasus vr galleries and the effect was the same or even worse. 


Below I present screenshots of what I see on my smartphone headset and from what on quest 2.  

SmartphoneSmartphoneQuest 2Quest 2render settingsrender settings

 I render the visualization with the V-ray program using qubemap output.

Has anyone here encountered a similar problem or know how to solve it?