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v23 ruined the Quest 1 for me - a list of my issues

Level 3
Hey everyone!
Today the v23 was installed in my Oculus Quest 1 and since that my so far great experience was ruined.
So many issues that i could not even solve with factory reset or anything else - i really can't stand this.

1. Menus are superslow, lag / stutter constantly, sometimes takes very long to show up at all
2. Closing apps to get into the menus takes up to 10-20s which i never had before v23
3. Tracking is broken and Controller needed to be removed and paired again several times before they worked again

4. The most important issue for me after i saw in the update notes "improved clarity and pixel density"
The sweetspot of my vision is rendered clear and sharper compared to v20 ( 75-80% of the view ) BUT the peripheral vision top, life, right, bottom (20-25% of the view) looks like utter garbage. The resolution is so low that both different rendered areas have a sharp visible border.  I did not have this before the update and it breaks my immersion.

The Climb shows that issue so strong that i actually can't play it anymore.
Apollo 11 has the same issue and it turned a wonderful experience into something i don't want to see anymore.
SuperHot was third game i tested and it does not look so bad there - barely noticable.

Is there ANY way to go backto v20?
v23 ruined the Quest 1 for me. WHY?!

Level 2
facebook broke the quest 1 firmware one month later of quest 2 launch,  what a surprise.