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v38 will not update

Level 2

So I have been trying to update my oculus to v38 for the past 24 hours and it just won’t update it says that it is but after a few minutes if I go off of the page in settings where it says that it is updating and then go back it will says “search for update” or something like that and even though I restart the update and soft restart my head set it, and even though I follow what my head set tells me to to update it, it still won’t work. Help


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there. We hate having a headset that won't update. We'd love to help you. 


We suggest backing up your information to the cloud. We have included the steps HERE. Once you have backed up your information. You should perform a factory reset following the steps HERE.


Let us know if this help you. We'll still help you even if it doesn't work.