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Adjustable IPD too low

Level 2

never had a VR before, because the cable bothered me a lot. With Air Link I thought, now you buy one.

But I noticed immediately, everything is blurry and out of focus. Only a small area in the center is ok.


After a short research I found the problem. The maximum adjustable IPD of 68mm is not sufficient.
I measured it myself with an app and at the mirror with ruler, I have an IPD of 73mm.


Please increase the adjustable IPD in the next VR, Quest 3 or Quest Pro.

I find on Reddit and other forums many people who have the same problem.


But the VR is incredibly fun, the Air Link has no lag at all, everything extremely direct, very good job. But my eyes burn a lot because of the blur after a short time. Unfortunately I had to send the VR back because of this.