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Anyone trying to use ( develop ) VULKAN on Oculus Quest ?

Level 4
just to know is anyone actually trying to develop something from scratch using Vulkan on Oculus ?

I am and so far having many problems trying to just get the things to compile / load into the Oculus Quest.

I am just curious to know if there's anyone else writing something using Vulkan that maybe could tell me "how he/she managed to do that" beacuse I am still having problems with the SDK and such on Windows 10.

Any help/info would be appreciated thanks 🙂

[edit] - alternatively, would it be possible to get in touch with the person that done the Vulkan Cube sample for the SDK ?

[edit2] - update : so far I applied ( on Windows 10 ) a few updates that Android Studio was asking for .. it still does not work, I not once ever manage to compile ( let alone run ) ONE of the sameples, GRADLE still complains about various things.

I manage to move/compile my own Windows ( then ported into Linux ) Vulkan code, now I am trying to clone the Oculus Vulkan Sample to start modifying it to fit my stuff into that.

The toolchain seems to work "reasonably" ( albeit with some glitches ) on Manjaro Mate, Android Studio, GRADLE and adb seems to work fine there.

[edit3] - .... I am a bit shocked .. I really had NO IDEA 😞 ...

I am looking at the framework code I see a name, I think 'maybe if I google I can find an email' .. I googled .. then I found this " Jan Paul van Waveren passed away today. The best developer I ever worked
with, my right hand, and a good friend. It was an honor. " ...

Well .. "I hope it may give him some happiness" knowing there is someone studying/working/reworking his framework .. the thing carries on .. I am guessing my first "edit" won't be possible then.

I can say "yes the code is really well done" it's comprehensible and logic.