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App labs review time

Level 4



Do you have experience how long does it take to go through review step?


My app status shows "Your app is being evaluated by our review team." No updates, no emails from oculus. I have a feeling that it was forgotten.


Level 4

Well i did get my review results today!!! took 5 weeks.


The app passed all 22 tests and failed 1.


The failed test result looks like that:

App must install and run without crashes, freezes, or extended unresponsive states.

TEST BLOCKER - The app does not successfully launch


Just wow, no more info. The funny thing is that this exact build is used by hundreds of users that used sideloading for it and nobody had issues.


No idea how to proceed from here... 


Sorry to hear that. I suppose that's something we all dread. My only guess (and I'm not an expert) is maybe something to do with entitlement checks on start up.  Maybe not an issue when sideloading. Did you pass the optional VRC.Quest.Security.1 ? 

My Go game failed for that last year.  However when I resubmitted, it was re-reviewed much quicker, so I don't think you go back to the start of the queue. Good luck.

Security1 is not on the list even.


It passed Security 2 though:


The app must request the minimum number of permissions required to function.
You passed this requirement.

Hmm. VRC.Quest.Security.1 is recommended but not required, so maybe they don't test it, but if you try to do an entitlement check and get an error, that usually stops the app loading. If you get a test user setup via the dashboard they can download and use the exact binary in the same way Oculus will, which might be different than just sideloading. Just an idea. Hope you figure it out. 

I was hoping this might be it but no. I've done what you said and it installs and starts without any problems.


Level 3

Got my review back - 5 weeks here too.


Failed on VRC.Quest.Security.2 - "Please remove all unnecessary permissions. If your app requires any of the following permissions, please explain in detail why your app requires them in order to function: ["android.permission.CAMERA"]"


My own fault for forgetting to strip this as sharing some of the code base with Android native. Will submit a new update today and get back on how long such a follow up review takes. Hopefully not 5 more weeks.

Level 4

Also over 5 weeks for me so this gives met hope.... and also not... 😅

Level 4

OK got my feedback too!

Just one issue... VRC.Quest.Functional.2 (Single player apps must pause when the user removes the HMD or opens the Oculus Dash.)


Have a question about that... In some posts I read (apart from disabling input and stuff) you should also disable the camera, but then the background in the Dash looks horrible... 

Anyone know the correct answer?


Normally just displaying some paused UI (as well as actually pausing the game) is enough. You could fade the camera to black but it's probably a bit of overkill.

Level 16

This was recently posted on Oculus Reddit... 



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