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Attaching Quest 2 via USB Wreaks Havoc on My PC's Connected Devices

Level 3

Anybody else experiencing this?  When I plug my Quest 2 into my PC, it sometimes creates a storm of driver disconnections and strange PC pauses, etc.  Other USB or Bluetooth devices will become disconnected and sometime can't reconnect at all.  Everything about the Quest 2 is fine - I can access files, ADB, profile, etc.  The connection process just seems to throw other devices into disarray 😉


Would love any suggestions or even just sympathetic commiseration!



Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi @eVInteractive , what you are explaining typically is a indication that you are having a USB Bandwidth limit issue. Using the Quest 2 when Linked or file transfer may be using more bandwidth then the USB controller can support which will cause connection issues or disconnects from other devices until it is removed from the system. We have a old blog post here that explains more about balancing Bandwidth on USB (this was for the Rift and is outdated) but it might help you further. - Clint

Having the same issue, and while Bandwidth might be a cause in some cases, in my specific case I've narrowed it down to it being a power issue. Basically the Quest 2 draws enough that all other USB devices on that particular power rail start failing.

Was able to isolate this issue as being a power issue by plugging the quest 2 into an externally powered USB hub and confirming that no issues happened after. (USB hub still makes it's way to the PC through the same USB port)

As such, would it be possible to get a feature added where one can disable charging while using Oculus Link?