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Business Edition VS Consumer Edition OS feature roll out differences + AppLab and SideQuest?

Level 3

I'm considering making a purchase of many Oculus Quest 2's (Business editions).

Does the Business Edition essentially have the same new major feature found in each new OS version release of the Consumer Edition? For example, does the Business Edition currently have 120Hz support? Also does it have AirLink or are these new features only found on the Consumer Edition?


My other question is, while I know the Business Edition doesn't have access to the apps on the official consumer Oculus Quest games store, on the other hand, can any app found on SideQuest be loaded on the Business Edition?

If so, is this also true of any app found on the AppLab website?


Level 2

This is a partial answer: The release notes for the OS on consumer headsets ( are different from the release notes for the OS on Business headsets ( It seems that Business is behind quite a lot.


For example: I am a developer, and today I built an Oculus Quest 2 app with Unreal Engine 4.26.2 (from the Oculus Github repository), and this won't run on my Business headset, stating "This app requires the latest Oculus software version...". I suspect the reason is the missing/slow OS updates (however, this is not confirmed).