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Foveated rendering Quest 2 and Unity

Level 3
I am enabling foveated rendering in Unity with:
OVRManager.fixedFoveatedRenderingLevel = OVRManager.FixedFoveatedRenderingLevel.HighTop;

Even though this is enabled and also the OVR Metric tool reports FOV: 4 the FFR is clearly not working. I have even set it up by hand with adb to level 4 which I can see clearly in the oculus home environment, but as soon as I launch my Unity apk it doesn't work (neither set programatically neither from adb).

I am using unity 2019.2.9f1 and just the Unity standard rendering pipeline. Any ideas why it might not be working?


Level 3
So I am using a camera for my laser input that seems to be causing this issue. If I remove that camera I use for UI raycasting the FFR works well. What should be the proper usage in this case then?