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Front Facing Cameras and Hand Tracking

Level 2
I have a few questions about the FFC (Front facing cameras) and Hand Tracking. Our app is made for Oculus Quest and we are using Unity to develop our app. The question is can we access the FFC images to better the hand tracking or completely implement our own hand tracking. The normal hand tracking that comes with the Unity plugin is not cutting it for us and we have had to create workarounds. My questions:
1) When the hands go on top of each other and the cameras lose sight of the hands they end up in the wrong transform.position. How can I access the hand tracking data from inside Unity to see what is happening just before this happen. I cant seem to find the right place from inside OVR to get hand tracking data other than controller data. What points does the front facing cameras map and where can I access it?
2) Can we access the FFC:s in Unity? This was done fairly easy on HTC Vive Pro but I can not find anyway to grab the images from the Front facing Cameras. I would like to get the OVR data to implement my own code for hand tracking and environment mapping and for the QR code finding in our test area.
I would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction or answer me directly.
Best Regards