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General discontent for oculus

Since the initial development of the oculus quest I have been enthralled with the oculus company. 
I led many people to purchase oculus quest and quest 2 (6+). I have been an advocate for the business and always wanted to see it succeed. Over the past couple months my interest in the platform has plummeted. I joined a clan that wanted me to have a tag in my name…. Didn’t know at the time it would take me six months to change it back. So the clan dies and here I am still stuck with the name. It seems crazy to me that you can’t change a username more frequently than ever six months. I took a step back from the games. I refrained from playing my headset for 5 months 17 days. Not knowing when I changed my name I message the company and they reply back that I still cannot change my name. I mean it’s a small issue right? Just my display name…. But all the same while I wasn’t gaming they began adding adds to games that aren’t free. Who knows how far they are willing to push facebooks agenda ? It didn’t make sense as to why they were selling the quest 2’s so cheap but now it’s all making sense. Oculus (Facebook) is wanting to steal even more of our time from us. They are continuing to try and steal parts of our lives to produce revenue by showing us adds. Oculus has allowed itself to loose itself all the while we let it happen. Shame on them. I have severe distrust for the company and doubt I will continue to support them.