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Get raw device pose at each frame even if considered not sufficient by oculus tracking filter

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For my application, I need to access the noisy positions (and if possible velocities) the Oculus Quest heaset uses as input for its Kalman filter (and inertial filter) whenever they are available and even if Kalman filter output positions and velocities are disregarded by the headset as insufficient. The Kalman determined positions and velocities are available much, much too late when making a fast movement from behind : the first image with the controller appears sometimes when the device is in front of me (often only at 40° or even 20° of the HMD forward z).


Since I can not force the gamer to restrict himself to slow motions, the lack of these data (even if dreadfully noisy), is a blocking position for me. I have read and read all the possible documentations and found nothing. I would have used the four monochrome cameras if they where readable, but they are not.


Has somebody a clue ? I'd rather develop games for oculus (spacial autonomy is great), not for Vive. So it is not a problem for me if its Oculus dependent.


Thanks a lot


Level 2

I forgot to mention that I'm working with Unity