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Make FOV tangent multiplier and ASW settings available in oculus app on PC.

Level 2


I'm using the oculus quest 2 with glasses spacer otherwise my wipers touches the lenses. 

I have absolutely no problem sharpness clarity and FOV in this setting. 

But my gpu is suffering to push all the pixels which are mostly not visible to my eyes. With ODT I can comfortably lower the FOV tangent multiplier to 0.75 both for horizontal and vertical without seeing any black bars. Which gives me enough headroom to render all games at 1.0X at 72Hz without needing ASW and not compromising the resolution. 

Since I mostly play flight sims ASW is not working well there so I turn it off. 

Every time I need to link my HMD I have to run the ODT and make these settings again and again which is cumbersome. 

Can you please make these settings also available and parement in Oculus PC app so that we can set it up once and never need to do it again.  

Thanks in advance and.

Kindest regards,