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Movable spotlights in UE4 on Quest 2

Level 2
Has anyone here had issues getting movable spotlights working with the Quest? It's supposed to be an engine feature (when enabled) since version 4.22. On the Quest 1 they are working as expected in debug builds, but ISMs disappear when hit with the light in release builds. On the Quest 2 I get a crash with the error 
10-21 22:09:05.362 20348 20510 D UE4 : Ensure condition failed: sizeof(ParameterType) == Parameter.GetNumBytes() [File:/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/Renderer/Public/MeshDrawShaderBindings.h] [Line: 206]
10-21 22:09:05.362 20348 20510 D UE4 : Attempted to set fewer bytes than the shader required. Setting 64 bytes on loose parameter at BaseIndex 112, Size 16. This can cause GPU hangs, depending on usage.

This can be reproduced by doing standard configuration of the VR template to run on the Quest 2, and activating movable spotlights in project settings and attaching a moveable spotlight to BP_MotionController. I am using the Oculus fork of 4.25.3 and Vulkan and Multiview active.