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Not able to find "more SEttings" on the mobile App // link my headset into Unity

Level 2

Hello, I am connecting my headset to my PC  and have been trying to move through the developer setup steps a
But there is no "settings" or "more settings" on the Iphone Oculus app now and therefore I cannot find the place to turn on developer mode for my headset,. Did anyone find a workaround for this? I tried reloading the app, and looked for other versions of the app, to no avail.

Also, although developer mode appears in the settings list on in my headset, I am not getting the Quest 2 option in Unity >Build Settings. I am using a 
Nexigo cable  to connect my headset to my PC, which should be ok-it's being recognized in my headset. 

Would much appreciate solves for both issues above.