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OVR Overlay Equirect Shape Issue

Level 4

I am implementing the Equirect OVR Overlay for rendering 360 video playback and I am noticing a visual issue that I need to fix. The issue is that the seamline for the OVROverlay Equirect Shape is producing a very noticeable black line that is not present when I play the video using a skybox/ inverted sphere. Because the seam is on the back, this line is only visible when turning around rotating 180 degrees on the Y axis. Below is a screenshot taken of the issue. 


This is in Unity and I am using AVPro for video playback, using the latest Oculus versions and unity 2020. I am able to successfully implement the Equirect Overlay and playback the video. I am doing this by getting a texture output of the video and sending that texture to the Overlay component. I am using a Quad Overlay layer for the UI menu and that Quad is working just fine. 


No matter what Overlay setting I try, this line is still present. Has anyone run into this issue before or have any insight on what might be causing this? Thanks. qvr_overlay.jpg