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Oculus Quest 2 Control EQ Sliders in Game

Level 2

Hi everyone,


Myself and one other person are developing an immersive music application for the Quest 2 using Unity and have run into an interesting problem.


Currently we are building in Unity 2019.17.4


We have a canvas and set of sliders linked to EQ parameters on our master mixer (the idea is for people to be able to EQ the music within the environment). The problem we are running into is that when we test the application in play mode on PC we are able to hear the effects of the sliders and EQ. When the application is built as an apk and put on the Quest 2 you can barely hear any change in signal processing, almost as if it isn't working. This includes using the speakers built into the Quest 2 and when using headphones.


I'm open to any suggestions if anyone has an idea of why it would not be working. Thanks everyone!