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Oculus Quest Unity Development of Speech Recognition

Level 2
I am an amateur Unity programmer currently teaching myself how to work with speech-to-text API. Though I have had no difficulty implementing the various SDK/APIs available (Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API, Watson, Light Buzz, etc.) to work on the Rift, Windows, iOS, I can't figure out how to implement it on the Oculus Quest.

The furthest I have gotten on the Quest is with the Google API, but the Quest fails when it attempts to SpeechClient.Create(); Any input would be greatly appreciated or recommendations for other ways of implementing Speech Recognition on the Quest

Level 2
Hmm, I am not knowledgeable but perhaps using Google meet because it auto generates captions if what you say..I think if you mirror your quest to a desktop like setting or open browser to Google meet link it might be doable.  Can you let me know if it works or if your have any alt solution. I haven't touched my quest in over a year I'm still in tutorial mode. 

Level 3
Maybe look into an offline solution?