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Oculus Quest - Way to Store

Level 2


We have a question about how it's working now. Previous to have a chance to get your app on the Quest Store you needed to send a draft or idea of a project on a very-early level of development to the Oculus team. Oculus wrote it clearly "Send your idea as soon as possible to avoid money spent on product that will not be on Quest Store when we decide this way".

Now Oculus gives us Lab Apps - that is a really good solution for some small demo and b2b apps but for other apps like games ?

1) Previous : you send idea and Oculus team say if this title will have a chance to be on Oculus Quest Store before you spend all money and even start think about developing
2) Now : you need to spend all your time and money to create an app that MAYBE will go to Store - Oculus will decide if this is good or not and you don't have any voice in it - this is absurd!

We asked support if there are some conditions that the app needs to meet to be promoted from Lab Apps to Oculus Quest Store - Oculus team don't answer this question so we decide to ask other developers.

Official answer from Oculus is : “We are constantly sourcing high-quality applications for the Oculus Store, and App Lab provides another way for us to identify potential fit.”

Do you now any condition or way to get access to the Oculus Quest Store ?

Level 2

For developer who want to know there is no any way to get to Quest Store at this moment :


It is not 1 April joke.

Good luck.