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Often getting "System UX has stopped" on Quest 2

Level 2
We very often get "System UX has stopped" on the Quest 2 and the only solution seems to be to factory reset the device. This is super annoying as it takes time, all apps are gone each time and you always HAVE to watch the tutorial video (this is almost the most annoying part, as you cannot skip it and it stops if you don't wear the headset).

Is there any quicker fix to this than doing a factory reset?

Level 2
We have this exact same issue. Every time we build to the Quest 2 with Developer mode on and run the app (which works fine on the first build deployed) when we go back into the headset and try and open the app again we can't even use the App Menu, it just crashes to - System UX has stopped. Factory reset is a pain but removed the error, but the next time we build and try and view the app to launch again, the same thing happens. This is painful.