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Quest 2 touch CAD files?

Level 3

With the previous generation, Oculus made the touch controller CAD files available to develop accessories here:

However, they haven't been updated with the new Quest 2 controllers. 

Does anybody know if they're available somewhere?



Level 2
I am very patiently waiting for them to release the files. I reached out to them (support), but they did not give me an answer on when or if they will be releasing the files.

Level 2
Anybody have any updates on this? I can't seem to find the files anywhere. It sounds like they're leaving the accessory developers in the dust here since no word on this. Hopefully they come out with a release date at least.

Level 2
My guess, and not to be cynical, but now we’re dealing with Facebook. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re not sharing the CAD file so that they can control the production of all accessories instead of people being able to design and print their own. Profits before people! Prove me wrong Facebook, please. I would love to be wrong. Ironically, they could just sit back, wait for the best designs after open sourcing it and put those into production themselves. 

Either way I fear we’re seeing the jealous guarding of IP. 

Level 2
Super frustrating that there is no official word on a CAD file release. Has anyone seen a high-res scan anywhere that is any good? 

Level 3
What do you need them for, just curious? 

Level 5

georudd said:

Super frustrating that there is no official word on a CAD file release. Has anyone seen a high-res scan anywhere that is any good? 

Before using any 3d scanned data to reverse engineer,  It's certainly better to work with the official mesh-based data from the controller art files available here ( 3d models come in three different mesh densities )
I uploaded a zip containing the quest 2 controllers in two split fbx files ( left hand and right hand )

Thanks. I have those but the quality is not accurate enough for developing accessories. 

Has anyone from Oculus publically stated why they are not releasing the official CAD files as they did with the Quest 1?

Redesigning the shape of the controller to be more comfordable/user friendly to a particular person.

Sure the controllers are nice and feed on average "decent". But the handles are tapered all the way down and feel very slippery after ones hands get sweaty. Adding a ridge between the pinky and ring finger, adding a "pommel" like on a sword, or just adding a rectangle of silicone rubber (which I can 3d print right into a new plastic piece) to make gripping the controller a bit better for those long jump around active VR games.

Another one is I'd like to edit the top black part of the controller to add some contouring on the area that is to be the "thumb rest" when not using buttons or thumbstick, on the inside (basically, there needs to be a little "C" shape gouged out of the controller in a certain spot to make this thumbrest. Wouldn't interfere with any of the buttons, but make it far more comfortable while in games like Beatsaber or etc.

Also for those gun games that like to have you hold a single rifle with 2 hands and they like to get wonky if you don't keep your hands/controllers aligned perfectly. Sockets can be added to the front and back of each controller with a small magnet in the bottom of each. Then when one wishes to play a game that requires this "rifle controller" style, you just stick a little rod 4-6in long (metal, or plastic with it's own magnets in the ends) in the sockets to stick the controllers together and you're good.

Beauty of the magnets is that if you need to switch to a pistol, or the game required you to manually reload, you can "break" the connection easy enough to reload, and the magnets will help you stick it back together when done reloading.

Other ideas too, but those are just ones that are on the table for me.