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Save game data where?

Level 3
For Oculus Quest 2, I want to save game data, such as how far you have got on a level, high scores etc.
Do you save these as a local file or using PlayerPrefs in Unity?
What is the standard way to do this for Oculus Quest 2?


Level 2

I think its very simmilar to mobiles devices there was some time ago hole discussion in FB group for Unity.
So in there is few ways :
1) use PlayerPrefs - easy but quite limited
2) use save json file (with some encryption - its quit easy to do)
3) external database - my best if you have somethink more complex and you use Oculus avatar ID (you can use avatar ID as primary Key in database)

So : 1 and 2 are quite simmilar but 2 is more clear - both methods are limited to single device so if user reinstall your game he will need to play from 0. Anyway most of small titles works like this but beware on PlayerPrefs  - you need to use it very clear and never use DeleteAll.

Level 2
How will this work with the new App Sharing feature? Will the PlayerPrefs automatically save/load different data for different users? I can't find any documentation about it.