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Setting GPU level on Quest 2

Level 2
I'm trying to profile a Unity app on the Quest 2, but I'm having trouble setting the GPU level. Here is what I've been trying to do:
  • I'm checking the current GPU level using adb logcat -s VrApi (under CPU4/GPU). It seems to hover around 2 or 3.
  • I tried using adb shell getprop debug.oculus.gpuLevel, but by default this returns nothing. I assume this property doesn't refer to the actual GPU Level but the enforced GPU Level, so having it empty means dynamic GPU level.
  • In my Unity project, I'm using:
    OVRManager.gpuLevel = 2;

    to try and fix the GPU level. This seems to be ignored by the Quest (logcat still reports GPU level 3 sometimes). Moreover, using adb shell getprop still returns nothing. Shouldn't that one pick up the fixed GPU Level now?
  • Alternatively, I tried using adb shell to fix the GPU level at runtime using:
    adb shell setprop debug.oculus.gpuLevel 2
    When I do that, getprop does pick up on the value I've set, but the GPU level reported by logcat still fluctuates sometimes.
Any idea what's going on there? Should any of these be working, or am I missing a step? We just tried the adb shell solution on a colleague's Quest 1 and it worked out of the box (though he was running a different app).

Having no control over the GPU level makes profiling a bit of a pain...