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UE4 Dynamic Spotlight shining through walls

Level 2

I'm currently prototyping in UE4 (4.25 Oculus branch) for Quest 2. Navigating in the dark with a flashlight is a major part of the game concept but we've already hit a snag early in our prototyping phase.
Dynamic spotlight works fine when previewed from the editor on PC, but as soon as the project is built and deployed on a Quest 2 the spotlight shines through walls. Is there some setting that I'm missing or is this simply a limitation by Unreal Engine on mobile hardware? I'm not expecting to get full dynamic shadowing on objects, but just not have our spotlights shine through solid thick walls.

Here is a video of the issue at hand:


In the video above, there are a mixture of static meshes and UE4 brushes, both that are set as static object and baked down. Regardless, the dynamic spotlight  shines through them without blocking any light.