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Unity build for Quest has only sound but no video

Level 2
i am developing a VR Game for oculus quest in unity 2019.2.15f1. To save computational power i started to move from realtime lighting to mixed lighting. If i build the game with realtime lighting or baked lighting or mixed lighting (subtractive) all works fine. If i change to shadowmask, i can bake and build without problems but when i start the game on the quest, i see the "made with unity" screen and a few moments later i just see a grey (or black) screen. But i can hear the game music. I am quite desperate and any help would be much appreciated. I never build a game for the oculus, please help. Let me know if you need more information.

Level 2

I have problems using Shadowmask as well, but in my case, the entire game just crashes on load. This doesn't happen when using Baked Indirect or Subtractive. Have you or anyone else found a solution for that?