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Using One Hand Tracking and Using Motion Controller in other Hand using Oculus Quest in Unreal Engin

Level 2

I am working on a Project in Unreal Engine, where wish to use One hand tracking and using Motion Controller in other Hand. I am using Oculus Quest for this project.

I wanted to know how we can achieve this, using Quest.

Looking forward for suggestions !

Level 10
In the current sdk implementation you need to chose one or the other. Hopefully that might change before they allow hand tracked games on the store but no info about this exists yet

Level 2


Now I need a solution to this same problem! Tell me, did you find a solution? I would be very grateful if you can help me in any way!

It is not possible. This has been answered multiple times in many threads.


It will be big news if it ever becomes possible. It will be all over UploadVR and RoadToVR blogs and every VR YouTuber channel if it ever happens. You will hear about it.


My understanding is that it would require a change to the hardware because the cameras in the Quest simply can't track hands and the infrared markers on the controller at the same time.

Thanks for the quick response! it will save me a lot of time which I would spend looking for an answer! Thanks again!!!