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What are the Best/Recommended texture import settings for skybox on Android Platform ?

Level 2

Hi, I'm working on a VR application in Unity for the Oculus Quest 2. In the Standalone version of my project all of my skyboxes look good without any pixelation. But when I ported the project to Android platform to develop the application for Quest2, the skyboxes now look pixelated. I had tried multiple compression formats for skyboxes, but none of them is removing that pixelation. 

Can you suggest the texture format and import settings for a skybox to appear at it's best quality ?



Level 5

In one of his Oculus Connect lectures, John Carmack recommended using ASTC compression for the Quest. In Unity I typically use "ASTC 6x6, Fast." But for the skybox you should also make sure you're not scaling down the textures by using the Max Size property. You probably want "Max Size 4096, ASTC 6x6 (maybe down to 4x4?) Best." That will take FOREVER to compress (you will think your system has locked up), but hopefully fewer artifacts.