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3d animation video content sell as app

Hello, I'm working on an immersive animation in 360 stereoscopic, I intend to sell it at the oculus store, I developed an app, which basically is a main room where the user can see information about the film and choose subtitles, (English and Chinese...

web bluetooth + Web XR

Hi,I have been developing a free web app which supports 3d VR rowing. https://ergometer-space.org/ I recently added WebXR support especially for vr glasses. So far I have been testing WebXr with an android phone and an emulator. But I think it is tim...

Unreal Multiplayer issue Joining Session

Hi, I've posted this on the Unreal forums as well so if I get an answer there I will post it here. I've been developing a VR demo in Unreal 4.22 for the Quest for about a month with great success. It is a multiplayer shooter and I've been hosting on ...

Ham1ton by Level 3
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Hand tracking -> no hands rendering

Hello, I'm trying to test the hands interactions train scene, but have no hands rendering in the scene. Same with the hand test scene. All seems to be well configured but still no hands input visible on the scene (the gesture to get the menu is worki...

Accessing local files

Hi all,I'm looking to store video files locally on the Quest and access them from the apk through their file path.To be clear, I'm trying to access the internal storage on the Quest via an installed apk. This would be a video stored in the movies fol...

Insufficient Permissions for QA

Hey! I have created a new release channel for external QA, they have access to our app and all working fine for the most part. However when they try and purchase addons from within the app they are blocked by an Insufficient Permissions popup. Its no...

thatch by Level 2
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Spectator Mode for Quest2

Accidently posted in the Comunity Forums by accident before hopefully someone in here might know a bit more. Looking for any documentation on how to implement the spectator mode shown recently at a oculus event. Basically the feature is a separate ca...

Oculus Quest In-Game Video recorder

HelloI'm working on a VR application in Unity for the Oculus Quest 2.One of its features is to record in a video what the user is doing and watching. The recording session is triggered by an in-game button.For now I didn't find any useful solution co...

App Lab "Preview App" Download location

I am needing to share preview builds of an App Lab app via Oculus' preview app feature. I have added another user via Release Channels -> Builds -> Add Users. My users have accepted the invitation and can see the app in the preview apps section of th...

Inside Out FBT

Ok. So, I have been doing my research on FBT and how one accomplishes it. Currently, the various options include the vive trackers with base stations, Xbox connect, even using your phones work. And the use of the phones got me thinking... The quest 2...

Test User Personalized Avatar

We installed a Test User account on a Quest 2.After configuring an avatar in that account it shows up, when opening the avatar editor again, but we don't get the avatar in our application.It does not even show up when checking the profile in the Ocul...