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Accessing local files

Hi all,I'm looking to store video files locally on the Quest and access them from the apk through their file path.To be clear, I'm trying to access the internal storage on the Quest via an installed apk. This would be a video stored in the movies fol...

App lab apps cannot create paid Add-ons

Having just run into the brick wall many indie developers have talked about trying to get a concept / app approved for the Quest store, I have started looking at the new App Labs option.One drawback is that App Labs says it don't support paid add-ons...

User files with multi-user accounts

How can I read/write files from/to the device while logged in as a secondary user?I currently write logs as well as user-generated content to Unity's Application.persistentDataPath, which comes out to be under:Quest\Internal shared storage\Android\da...

Punchey by Level 3
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ODH USB disconnecting.

I can use the Oculus Link cable and Rift preview successfully, but if I try and use ODH I get repeated disconnections. I get a message Allow USB Debugging? and the RSA fingerprint. I respond to allow it and after 10 seconds or so the message reappear...

tuort by Level 2
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Problems using oculus link

Hello,I recently got a quest 2 to play games and use it with Unity (A Game Engine)so I installed the pc Oculus Application an connected my quest using my link cable but it kept giving me this spinning circle .windows recognizes it as a quest 2 and i ...

Capture.PNG Captures.PNG

Resolved! FMOD and Oculus MRC

Hello all, I have implemented Oculus Mixed Reality Capture inside my Unity Project and everything works great. The only problem is that if I use FMOD, no audio gets transmitted to OBS... only the standard audio that goes through Unity Audio Listener ...

TonyVT by Level 3
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Go To button on Friend list

Hi,Is the Go To destination button near friend on dashboard only available within Party? I'm trying to allow other users to join active session of other user's friends via RichPresence, but appears that RichPresenceOptions.SetIsJoinable does not work...

Anti Aliasing In Unity with URP

Hiya! So I'm having issues with Antialiasing in Unity on a Quest project, it doesn't seem to matter if I have my project set up based on the Oculus documentation or not: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-conf-settings/ Things are...

OVR_BB by Level 2
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Send friend request then listen for response

Hi,I just wonder, how to listen for response from other user when I'm sending friend request thru app (Oculus.Platform.Users.LaunchFriendRequestFlow)? The only result determines if I sent it or not. I'd like to know, when the new relationship begins ...

App Submission Assets questions

I want to submit an app for the Quest. I am using Quest v.1 The submission details asks for 5 screenshots with resolution 2560 x 1440px. Taking screenshots in the game, the images are 1440 x 1440. Should I just slap the banner behind the shots to mak...