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Quest, RenderDoc, Vulkan, and UE 4.24.2

Hello,In the past, our team has been able to get RenderDoc captures from the quest for graphics debugging and analyzing performance, but having recently upgraded to the Oculus 4.24 Unreal branch with Vulkan enabled, we get a crash when trying to perf...

nkitten by Level 3
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Unity VR Tutorial Grabbing Bug

Hello, I am kinda new here, so I hope I don't do anything wrong.I am currently working on a VR Game and doing the first steps with the 23 hours Unity - Oculus Tutorial: Design, Develop, and Deploy in VR.I am right now in Unit 5.4 and have a Bug I am ...

Flayff by Level 2
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GTX 1650ti with Oculus Link?

Curious to know if anyone has tried the new GTX 1650ti chips with Oculus Link. We need to get some new multipurpose laptops and the new XPS 15 is Our preferred option. It seems like the 1650ti should make the grade, but I don’t want to invest in a bu...

attaching a vr camera to Quest

hey,I want to add a sterioscopic vr camera to the Quest to allow a high quality passthrough video feed.I checked the Zed mini camera, but it's not compatible (something about Nvidia platform).Any suggestions? alternatives?thanks.

Receiving UDP Multicasts on Oculus Quest

Hey everyone!I am developing an application that supports local multiplayer between multiple Quests and Windows PCs. For discovering available Sessions the host sends a UDP multicast over the network. Those multicasts are then received by other clien...

Florett by Level 2
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Quest Low Latency Audio Playback?

Hello,I'm trying to port over my PC VR audio application (a drumming app) to the Quest, and from my initial tests I've noticed there to be a noticeable delay between when my audio events are triggered and when they're played. I recently saw this out ...

Quest and VRam

I am developing a game at the moment for PC and I am also planning to support Oculus Quest. I am having difficulty finding any information on how much video RAM quest has. Based on the lack of info, I'm assuming that it is shared memory ( aka uses re...

Gamelift Server issues

I have a code/application that is already running ok via Windows in VR. So it means that Gamelift Serverand the clients are already working ok. When trying to run the same code on Quest, seems it cant connect and stays in the Entry level that should ...

[I SOLVED IT]Off Hand Grab Stopped Working

unity 2019.2.3oculus integration 13 and 14I have a Mac and use the oculus questI can't even begin to guess whats wrong it worked one day and not the next.I was working with external scripts that accessed the grabble but it worked even then. distance ...

How to get the Device ID

Hey Developers,I got myself a new Oculus Quest and wanted to do some sideloading, but the device ID just won't show up. I enabled the Developer Mode in the app, created a new organisation on the oculus dashboard and installed the Oculus Go ADB-Driver...