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Quest have the ANT+ chip ?

Dear all, i’ve a big question, Quest support ANT+ ? I’ve made a lot of search about it, but i didn’t found nothing. So, i ask to the Administrators and Facebook engineer if there is a way to receive ANT+ from the quest. Hoping that someone can reply ...

hacaro by Level 3
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Cannot download app from Developer Feed

I have been working on a app for Oculus GO and Oculus Quest and when I run the app through Unity (Build and Run), it runs smoothly on both devices. The issue is that when I upload the app to an ALPHA Channel, the app still downloads and runs on the G...

Baking Lightmaps Breaks Build

Unity: 2018.3.6f1Oculus Integration: 1.4Hi all,I am currently building an app for both PC and Oculus Quest.I do not have any significant issues with my PC build.However, whenever I bake lightmaps for my Quest build, I can no longer load the baked sce...

Delete version on quest?

I keep getting the "cannot downgrade error" when trying to install and try out developer builds. This happens even when I increment the store build before packaging. Isn't there any way I can just delete the stupid old version entirely? Uninstall doe...

Upgrade to application launch

Hello, I devellope on unity and oculus quest, my game works perfectly but since I made the update oculus integration 1.40, my .apk does not launch and I have an error message in the home who says "plug in wifi and wait for the update" but nothing hap...

Touch Controllers issue

Hi, Im trying to add UI System to both touch controllers (was able to do for one following this link:https://developer.oculus.com/blog/unitys-ui-system-in-vr/). Im using CustomHandRight/Left.My gameplay needs only 1 controller so as i was not able to...

Best practices for UI design

We have been working on designing and implementing the UI for our Oculus Quest app, the UI looks and works very nice on the Rift S but on the Quest text looks shaky and it is just not good. Is there any best practice to follow? Does anyone have any e...

hjalali by Level 2
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