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Is anyone running RenderDoc for Quest successfully with UE4? I was able to last year, but for the entirely of this year it has been failing with one of 2 errors. Either a FrameCapturer failure or a SEGV_MAPERR fault. Any help would be appreciated.

Cloth Simulation in Oculus Quest?

Hello,I tried to build a demo(including very very small size of cloth simulation) and played in oculus quest2(stand alone),but cloth simulation did not work, actually it showed just a mesh without any cloth simulation.However, Played Correctly in Unr...

dkweon by Level 2
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Keyboard issues

Hello Any suggestions on how to enter keyboard characters such as "$" when entering text on an Oculus Quest 2 app? I see that some characters are not available. Thanks

ameedr by Level 2
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Using cameras in quest app

I'm looking into getting a quest for vr development and have a few questions:1. What language does it use?2. Can I create an app that uses the camera, say takes a picture, rotates it, and then displays it on the screens?

Resolved! Oculus App Lab / not input-focus aware

I am using Unreal Engine 4.25.4 and am trying to submit my build to the Oculus Developer portal for Abb Lab.When I try to upload a build, it tells me "The focus aware manifest meta-data tag must be set with required=“true”…and points me to here:devel...

Oculus Servers Crashed ??

Do anyone else have troubles connecting to oculus ??My headsets started saying "error connecting to FB servers" and now just "No internet" in Oculus windows App..And if I try to login to Oculus.com, then screen goes white and log says..


Bluetooth pairing

Iv recently spent £300 on a bhaptics tactoc DK2,updated it and done everything properly.it even connects to my phone perfectly. But when I try to connect it to my oculus it says "pairing" for one to two seconds then just does nothing.the light on the...

OB1OB11 by Level 2
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I was gifted an Oculus quest 2 by my boyfriend and then he forwarded an email saying there is a recall on my device. it also said to contact Oculus for a silicone cover, thus here I am

Resolved! *Multiplayer does not work Quest 2 UE4.26?*

Quest 2 - Quest 2 online pool browse and online using BPs Ue4.26 doesn't work. I create session (host) open map listen and on the other headset can see the server and it says there is one player in that server.When I join the server it says its succe...

Quest/Quest 2 submission for App Lab...

Do I submit arm7 or arm64 build to App Lab if I want my app to run on both Quest 1 and 2? I packaged both arm7 and arm64. I tried to install the arm64 on my quest 1 and after trying to launch it, I get the black screen and then back to Oculus menu. I...

v31 SDK performance drop

Have you noticed the performance drop within v31 SDK update? Just updated the Unity's version of Oculus Integration to v31 and got big issues - was solid framerate, now it drops by 8.

Field of view wrong

I'm using the OvrCameraRig and I have a movie running on a skybox. I would like to adjust the y value on the camera so that the camera is closer to the floor. 1. How do I lower the camera? I have also tried to change the field of view but it seems im...

[Quest] how to match guardian to a real room ?

I'm testing how to match a VR experience in the Quest to an actual room (4x7m) using an accurate 3d model of the room and a fixed starting position (center of the entry door).I edited the Oculus boundary example for visualizing the guardian points + ...

MaxArch by Level 7
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