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Resolution mapping

1. Oculus states that the oculus quest 2 can work with 5760 by 5760 Or 8192 by 4095 at 30 fps.Can someone help me understanding how Oculus maps these video resolutions to the 2 LCD displays which are only 1832*1920 pixels?2. I am building a 360 8 cam...

120 fps in WebXR apps?

I get 'only' 90 fps yet in my WebXR "MiniMol" molecule viewer at https://www.ibiblio.org/e-notes/webxr/mini.htm. See e.g. https://www.ibiblio.org/e-notes/webxr/mini/1crn.htm. Is used navigator.xr.requestSession(SESSION_TYPE, {optionalFeatures: ['high...

6crv-vdw.jpg 6crv.jpg

Oculus App Lab for experimental studies

Hi,This is Ramon from the EventLab, a VR research lab based in Barcelona. We are considering the possibility of distributing our experiments through Oculus App Lab. However, our applications are not usual games but they have some special characterist...

Strange OVROverlay movement.

I'm working on a Unity project that has odd behavior for OVROverlays. When in the Quest and looking at a stationary object with an OVROverlay component, turning the head causes the overlay to appear to move a small bit in that direction. The display ...

Cloud Sync Issues on Quest 1/2

Recently (since update v28/v29) more and more users seem to have issues with Cloud Sync not working properly and prevent the game to launch (loading forever, or making the game return to home after trying to launch).It seems to only be a small fracti...

Movable spotlights in UE4 on Quest 2

Has anyone here had issues getting movable spotlights working with the Quest? It's supposed to be an engine feature (when enabled) since version 4.22. On the Quest 1 they are working as expected in debug builds, but ISMs disappear when hit with the l...

Oculus Quest - Facebook Privacy Settings?

Hey, all.I've been searching around trying to find some details on how the mandatory Facebook integration is actually going to operate. You see, we are an education-focused development team and we know that educators will be dubious about mandatory F...

Sleep recenters my camera

I'm making a game in Unity for Quest 2 and I have a problem with the camera. If I'm positioned in a certain way in the game world and then takes of the headset long enought for it to go into sleep. When I put it on again a few seconds later everythin...

WebVR & Oculus

Hi Is there a way to pack a threejs app as an application for oculus rather than using the 3D browser ? I'm thinking about a native oculus app, which use oculus browser, pointing to local resources. Thank you

fttest by Level 2
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Advice on matchmaking

I have a game created for the quest using unity and Photon networking. I want to start implementing matching making and adding friends inviting friends.Should I be using the oculus matchmaking service or Photon networks matchmaking service? Why? Lost...

Resolved! Can't Get User Name (App Lab)

I am developing an Oculus Quest app for release on the App Lab. Previously, I was able to get the player's user name just fine via Oculus.Platform.Users.GetLoggedInUser().OnComplete(getLoggedInUserComplete); but recently that stopped working and now ...

simple oculus render with c++ directx11

Hello, I'm currently in a VR dev internship and I struggle a bit to understand how does LibOVR works. To familiarize myself with it, I have to render a simple DirectX11 program to my Oculus Quest 2 (a simple triangle from the DirectX11 tutorials). Bu...

Unity: Entitlement Failing in Editor

Hi, Should I be able to have a successful entitlement check in the Editor while developing for Quest/Android?I have the AppID setCore is initialisedData Use Checkup is Complete for LeaderboardsAndroid build is signed, uploaded and working

sh0v0r by Level 3
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Pointer Pose implementation

Hi, for my Master's thesis, I'm implementing custom hand gestures and have been trying to derive a pointing direction from the bone positions and orientations provided by the hand tracking. The pointing direction I end up with is very unstable and sh...